Favourite Buy This Month

12:36 pm

My favourite purchase this month has definitely got to be my Steve Madden sunglasses!

I didn't actually go out to the shops intending on buying sunglasses, especially as the weather has been shocking recently. I actually went to Ikea, as I wanted to buy a new mattress.
Jamie and me were really excited to get this new mattress, as the one we have now is awful

So we went into Ikea, zoomed around the shop until we got to the 'bedroom' section. Picked out the perfect, most comfortable mattress... to find out none of the mattresses fit my bed at home. Great.

It put me in a right bad mood, so I stormed out the shop (didn't even get a hot dog)! 

I saw a TKmaxx over the road, so thought I would have a quick browse to cheer myself up. Ended up spending a fortune. I bought loads of beauty products and it's also where I found my beautiful new sunglasses.

Aviator style sunglasses, with a rose-gold frame, with some white detailing on the arms, with "Steve Madden" written on them. I fell in love without even trying them on first.

And the best part?

Only £12.99

I've literally not taken them off since I bought them; Definitely my best buy this month.

What's been your favourite purchase this month?

Love Amy x

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  1. These are amazing, what a bargain!