MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

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Left to right: Halycon, Funk, Reckless, Zest
I have been really looking forward to writing this blog post and sharing it with you because I absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks.

They are from the brand MUA (Makeup Academy) which is a really affordable brand, available from their website or Superdrug. When I say affordable, I mean these lipsticks are £3 each!

I have four shades at the moment, two older colours and two of the new colours. The older colours are the ones with the black lids and the newer ones are the ones with the gold lids. I much prefer the newer packaging, I think it makes them look a lot more expensive than what they are.

These are liquid lipsticks, so you apply them like you would a lipgloss, but rather than the finish being glossy, they dry to a beautiful matte consistency. The colours are so pigmented and go on really thick. 

Left to right: Reckless, Funk, Zest, Halycon
These can be quite drying on the lips, however, their staying power is amazing, they literally last all day. I've worn these to go out for meals, going out for drinks, going out for the day and I've not had to reapply at all. After doing the swatches, I really had to scrub and scrub my arm to get them off!
(If you put plenty of lip balm on before applying, they don't feel as drying on the lips).

These products are definitely my favourite lip products at the moment, I can't recommend them enough! 

Love Amy x

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  1. those colors are so gorgeous. Love the top one, thanks for sharing the swatches!

    xx Angie |

    1. You're very welcome, I can't choose a favourite one, I love them all x

  2. I have one of these in Funk and I love the finish it gives. The colour really pops too :)

    Velvet Blush

  3. These look so lovely, I am definitely checking them out next time I'm at the drugstore :)
    I love your blog, new follower! x

  4. These are such beautiful shades! Love them all.


  5. Woow, those shades are amazing! Such gorgeous color. Thanks so much for the informative review :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  6. Gorgeous lip colours! Absolutely perfect for the new season!
    Fashion Soup

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! flawless

  8. Love the swatches! xx,