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Hi everyone!

As much as I love my blog just being about beauty, I have come to the decision that rather than just writing posts about beauty, I am going to cover a wide range of topics, such as home design, food, fashion, travel etc etc. 

Recently I have been struggling with a bit of writers block and not really knowing what to actually write about. To be honest, I am actually getting a little bored and fed up with just posting the same things, the same topic over and over again. My blog will still probably mostly be beauty-based, I just wanted to mix it up a little and let you guys read about other things too! 


Now that is out the way, I also want to tell you some really good news. Me and my partner Jamie are now saving up, ready to move out and move into our own little home. We are so excited, we keep going shopping and buying little bits and bobs for the home (who knew we would get so excited about buying baking trays)! 

I have also been obsessed with looking on Pinterest and other home interior blogs to find inspiration for our new home, so I thought a good starting point for my newly re-designed blog would be a home inspiration post. Here are some images from Pinterest which have caught my eye recently.

All images are from Pinterest and not my own.

Love Amy x

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  1. I love the colour scheme of the pictures you chose - it's very fresh and clean looking.