Day Out in London

1:30 pm

Yesterday I went to London with my favourite people; my lovely boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend. We did so much walking and exploring, there was just so much to see and do, it was overwhelming trying to take it all in!

If you've never been to London, I highly recommend you have a trip there sometime; it really is amazing. When you see it on TV, it's exactly like that in real life! 

Below are a few photos from our day trip, hope you enjoy looking at them.

London Eye
Big Ben
Trafalgar Square
Regent Street

Me and Jamie have both decided we are going to make a conscious effort to travel to London more and have more day's out there, as we had the most amazing time and didn't want to come home!

Love Amy x

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  1. london is one of my favorite cities. would love to be back soon.

  2. Oh lucky you! London is my favourite city! Cant wait to get back there soon :)

  3. aww. beautiful photos. I have never been to London yet, it's such a shame

  4. London is always such an amazing city for a day out! Lovely photos :)
    Hannah Rose

  5. Great photos! I also wish I could make it into London more as I love it so much when I do go!

  6. Love taking trips to central London :). Always feels good going back every once in a while.

    Loving your blog! Following on GFC, Twitter & bloglovin.

  7. London is my favorite city in the world! I want to go back already. I found your blog at Bloglovin about my blog recommendations... I love it!

  8. I moved to London a few years ago and I'm still amazed by this city every single day! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS