Kiko Milano Glowing Potion

9:27 pm

I'm not going to lie, I picked up this product purely based on the packaging, look how gorgeous it is! 
This is the Kiko Milano Glowing Potion which was part of the Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection which was released late last summer. Unfortunately, this product is Limited Edition so I'm not completely sure if they will have any left by the time this blog post goes up, which also makes me really sad as I won't be able to re-purchase when this bottle runs out!

I like to use radiance serums as my skin is naturally quite dull-looking. I'm always a bit worried when I try out a new radiance serum that it will just make me skin look glittery, but this one doesn't at all. 

This is seriously one of my favourite serums I have used. It feels really light on the skin and has only a slight shimmer to it, but somehow it manages to completely brighten the skin and gives me the most gorgeous, natural-looking glow. It looks really gorgeous on the skin when worn alone, but it also makes my foundation look incredible when worn with makeup.

Please Kiko Milano, make this product available to buy again? I'm begging you!

Love Amy x

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