My Favourite Apps at the Moment

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This is by far my favourite photo editing app. The app comes with a number of filters which are really nice, and then you can also purchase more on top of that. I love the filters, they aren't too OTT like they can be on other apps. If you don't want to apply a filter, it also gives you the option to just edit your photo, like adjusting the brightness, sharpness, shadows etc. The best thing about the app is just how simple and easy it is to use.
(Price: Free)


This app amuses me so much! You basically log into all your social media accounts and it finds out everything you posted on them 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years etc etc. I read through it every morning cringing to myself and wondering why on earth I was ever allowed on the internet! Seriously entertaining though.
(Price: Free)


 I'm obsessed with Snapchat. If you haven't heard of it, where have you been, seriously? You send pictures and videos with or without captions to friends you have added on the app. However, whatever you send disappears within 10 seconds or less unless your friend takes a screenshot! You also have your own "Snapchat Story" which you can upload photos/videos to and people can view whatever is on there for 24 hours. It also features a handy little messenger feature. It sounds pretty rubbish when I'm writing it out like this... but seriously, it's so addictive!
(Price: Free)

Cocktail Flow

Cocktails are my favourite drink ever. If it was acceptable to drink them all day every day I would (haha)! In this app, you choose an occasion such as "Mother's Day"or "Chillin'". It then comes up with a list of loads of cocktails suitable for the occasion, showing a picture of the cocktail so you know what it looks like. Choose which cocktail you want to make, and it tells you what ingredients you need and how to mix it.
(Price: Free)

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