Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

9:35 am

I am no way an expert in the fake tanning department, I have probably fake tanned about once in my lifetime! However, I was sat outside in the garden the other day with my pasty, pale legs out and I thought something had to change. Lying for hours in the sun isn't really an option as I burn to a crisp, so I thought I would be adventurous and invest in some fake tan. 

I recently watched on YouTube Lydia Millen's video on How To Get A Perfect & Even Fake Tan and in the video she used the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil. It looked so easy and quick to use, so this was the self-tan I decided to pick up from my local Boots store.

The best thing about this product is that unlike many other fake tans, you don't have to wash it off afterwards. You can jump in the shower, exfoliate your whole body, apply the tan after your shower, get dressed, put make up on and then carry on with the rest of your day! 

Also, rather than having that awful "fake tan" smell, this has a coconut scent, which is one of my favourite scents ever.

The only issue with this is that because it is an oil, you can't really see where you have applied it on your skin. However, as long as you're using a tanning mitt and making sure you buff it out as much as possible, you will be left with a gorgeous, streak-free, even, natural looking tan.

I'm definitely so glad that I decided to pick this up and I think from now on, fake tanning will definitely play more of a part in my skincare routine.

Love Amy x

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Remember to stay protected in the sun! Always wear suncream and try to avoid the harsh sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm. Try to cover up as much as possible or stay in the shade. Be aware that this product does not contain SPF. 

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