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6:42 pm

Snapchat has recently become one of my favourite social media platforms, I'm literally obsessed, checking it religiously whenever I have chance.

Adding people on Snapchat isn't the easiest of tasks. You need to know their usernames to be able to add them, and what if they aren't really worth adding in the first place?

Here's a small list of a few of my favourite Snapchatters:

Desi Perkins - desiperkins
Desi is known for her beauty tutorials on YouTube. Her Snaps literally leave me in tears of laughter, they are so hilarious! She also posts a lot of Snaps about beauty and new products. Definitely add Desi if you want to be entertained 24/7!

Lydia Millen - lydiaemillen
I'm obsessed with watching Lydia's Snaps. From regular outfit Snaps to Snaps of her Bengal cat Lumi, I just love keeping up to date on what her day consists of. She has the best style and her home is so gorgeous!

Rosie - rosielondoner
Rosie is a travel blogger and I love watching her Snaps of all the different and beautiful places she visits.

Holly Boon - hollyboon1
She is literally flawless and I just love watching her makeup tutorials, they are amazing.

Rosie Connolly - rosieconxxx
I really enjoy watching Rosie just talk about her day to day life and watching snaps of her little boy, he is so adorable! She also does a lot of beauty related snaps, which I really love watching.

If you don't follow me on Snapchat, I would love it if you did! My user name is 'amysguest'.
Let me know a few of your favourite Snapchatters so I can add to my growing list of people I follow!

Love Amy x

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Twitter: amyguest_
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