Charlotte Tilbury Luscious Lip Slick

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My wonderful dad got my this Charlotte Tilbury Luscious Lip Slick Set for Christmas. I literally squealed when I opened it, I have wanted some makeup from Charlotte Tilbury for so long and I am now a proud owner of a gorgeous lip duo!

The set my dad got me contained the lipstick in shade "Bitch Perfect" and the lipliner in shade "Pink Venus". This lipstick and lipliner combo is the perfect blossom-pink shade which suits all skin tones. It warms the complexion and has a tooth-whitening effect.

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I usually tend to wear matte lipsticks as I find that they are more long-lasting and matte is the finish I prefer. This lipstick is a glossy finish, however, I love it so much, I may start buying more glossy finish lipsticks! The staying power is amazing, it stays on for hours without needing a touch-up. Both the lipstick and lipliner glide on smoothly, without tugging at the lips. I find the lipstick really hydrating and doesn't feel drying at all on my lips. The colour is beautiful, the lipstick and liner are the perfect duo, the colours are wonderful together. 

And lastly, the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

I will definitely be purchasing some Charlotte Tilbury products in the future. Next I want to try the Vintage Vamp Luxury Eyeshadow Palette and the Magic Foundation!

What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product/s?

Love Amy x

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  1. That lip color is to die for!


  2. Absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, they are just so gorgeous. I want to try so many more of their products.

  3. This seems like such a perfect pairing! I've heard so many good things about Bitch Perfect. I've only ever tried her matte formula so I'll definitely check out some of these more sheeny shades xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty