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The lovely ladies from Dove UK kindly sent me some products from their new DermaSpa range for me to try out. 

"In partnership with leading skin and beauty experts from around the world, Dove has created its most scientifically-advanced body care products ever, with industry leading technology resulting from over ten years of skincare research and the involvement of 280 scientists – the Dove DermaSpa range. By combining the latest advancements in dermatological care with the best spa formulations, new Dove DermaSpa is designed to awaken your senses and help women everywhere get back in touch with their bodies."

DermaSpa's Goodness range is designed for normal to dry skin. It contains four products, a body lotion, a body cream, a body oil and an indulgent hand cream. The Goodness collection products contain omega oil derived from sea buckthorn. Omega oil is known to replenish the skin's barrier. It also contains Dove's active formula to smooth the texture of the skin, leaving it looking luminous, velvety soft and even-looking. 

The DermaSpa's Uplifted range contains a firming lotion, body oil and massaging body roll-on. These products contain Cell-Moisturisers™, which provide deep penetrating moisture, helping to restore skin's natural elasticity and leave your skin feeling firmer.

Goodness Body Oil (RRP £9.99) Uplifted Body Oil (RRP £9.99)
These are the two body oil's I got sent to me, one from the Goodness range and the other from the Uplifted range. The body oil from the Goodness range is designed to leave skin feeling silky soft, luminous, even looking and just gorgeous. It really does all those things. I applied it after I had been in the shower and it absorbed into my skin really quickly, without leaving a greasy, oily residue which many body oils sometimes do. It smells absolutely gorgeous too. 

The Uplifted Body Oil is designed to moisturise and firm the skin from the very first use. This body oil is also gorgeous, leaving my skin feeling silky soft, without leaving an oily residue. I wouldn't say that my skin felt firmer after applying it the first time, but over a period of time, it  would probably help with the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This body oil also smells lovely.

Goodness Indulgent Hand Treatment (RRP £4.99) Intensive Hand Treatment (RRP £4.99)
These are the two hand treatments I got sent to me. I love them both, they are both extremely moisturising and nourishing and they smell gorgeous. 

Summer Revived Body Lotion (RRP £6.99)
This is the Summer Revived Body Lotion. I'm a huge fan of the Dove Summer Glow, which is the same kind of product as this one, a gradual tanner. I always find with the Dove Summer Glow, I can never get all the product out of the bottle, as the bottle is quite firm. However, this tube is very "squashy" so I can imagine you could get every last drop out of the bottle, which is a great improvement. You apply this every day, and after a couple of applications, you start building up a gorgeous, healthy-looking bronzed glow, without streaks. Once you build up to the colour of your preference, you stop using it every day and just use it every couple of days to maintain the tan. As well as giving you a gorgeous glow, you are also left with skin which is full of moisture. This product comes in two shades, fair to medium skin and medium to dark skin. 

Uplifted Massaging Body Roll-On (RRP £9.99)
I really love this product! It is designed for hard to reach areas, such as the thighs, bum and tummy. At first when I applied this to my thighs and bum, it felt a little "sticky" however, it quickly absorbed into my skin, feeling it really nourished and moisturised. As soon as it had absorbed, my skin instantly felt a little bit firmer. The silver rollerballs help to tone, smooth and firm the skin. I can't wait to use this every day and in a few weeks see the results! 

I love each and every one of these products, they are all gorgeous! They all do exactly what they are supposed to do, leave you smelling gorgeous and leave you with nourished, moisturised skin.

I will definitely be purchasing these products in the future when I run out! 

Love Amy x

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These products were all kindly sent to me for review, however, all opinions are my own.

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